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CWCT Up Highlights for the month of June 2020

  1. Women rangers officially get employment with the huge help of one year running cost of the salaries and food rations, thanks to MMWCA.
  2. New back kitchen garden donation from the CWCT manger, to keep the back kitchen permaculture sustainable living as part of their day to day activities, they are planting Kale, spinach, fresh herbs, tomatoes, chillies, with vertical farming utilising of minimum space, the vision is that all ranger bases will hold such a project pioneered by the women rangers, we as the new generation need to understand that a healthy living and healthy lifestyle bring good hard work.
  3. Women rangers bee project, protection of old keystone tree species within our community conservancy are paramount,  where women ranger pioneer this new initiative, where they are allocated there own beehive to place in old keystone tree species,  where the bees provide an extra income to support their families by selling the honey in return the rangers on there weekly patrol visit there beehives and stop the illegal losing of these trees.